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One of the uphill tasks in every college is working on a dissertation. Leave alone the long lonely hours of working on what could be the springboard to other avenues in your career, choosing an appropriate title is itself a real torrid task. A good research title must be in line with modern developments. It should address issues that are of paramount importance and popular among people. It should also be in a way something linked to your career or at least something you have passion for. That way, the whole project becomes an interest and not a task.

So how does one choose a good dissertation that is popular and at the same time workable? Here are the top research topics that you can use for your research paper in 2019 or order at the best college paper writing service.

easy college research paper topics

Technology Research Topics

1. Is China taking Over As The Best Technology Country From The US?

Powered by favorable government policies, China is quickly revolutionizing technology and its economy as well. The 2019 two summits saw the country plan for an open investment policy that with other stipulated policies will drive the country up in technology. It is tipped to release 5G network roll-out and on 15th April 2019, it launched the first world’s amphibious submarine. Shenzhen is also the world’s second technology intensified place. Is then China overtaking the US which rose to the top ten in Global Innovation Index Rankings in 2018 in technology?

2. What is the future of Technology?

Technology is ushering in a new era. Today, what was once the technology is just the usual thing. Artificial intelligence is now deemed to be the real deal in technology. From the internet of things to the “disappearance of the pc” which is underway, the future seems so different from the present. As organizations shift from a PC based office to a tablet centered office, what are the expectations and possibilities that will come with the new technologies?

3. How does a flight look in the future?

Boeing, a leading aircraft manufacturer, of late has received heavy criticism due to flaws in its passenger airplanes which have led to fatal carnages. The world is witnessing rapid changes in the flight sector with many aircraft of all forms being made. Mimicking of insects has led to the development of a new era aircraft. What will the future flight look like with the intense investment in flight?

Social Paradigms Research Topics.

4. How has terrorism impacted on International Laws On Crime Against Humanity?

Terrorism is the third world war every country is fighting against. Almost every month, a terror attack happens in the world. Places that used to be safe havens are no longer safe. New Zealand recently witnessed one of its biggest attacks in history in March 2019. With the rise in terrorism, what is the International Community doing to curb it or punish any culprits caught tp halt the vice?

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5. Is Racism Still An Issue of The Century?

Sometimes ago, the US NBA league felt the heavy-hitting effects of racism. Every day, footballers come across racial abuses. In April 2019, FIFA president Infantino strongly criticized racism and advocated for the pernicious punishment of the responsible party. Are blacks still the major targets of racism and is there any hope for the end of racism abuses?

Climate Change Research Topics

6. Is There Any Hope For Climate Change?

On 15 April 2019, protesters in London marched against the increased pollution levels of the environment. The Tokyo consensus on climate change seems to no longer be in play. Every other day, the last of species go extinct the late one being the death of one of the last Yangtze turtles. What does it mean by the fact that scientists have declared the climate changed for the century?

7. Should Business have a Social Responsibility to Play a Role In Environmental Conservation?

The world is becoming an individualistic place where businesses compete to stay at the top. Ensuring the safety of emissions and waste disposal has increasingly become a profit cutting activity. Should social corporate responsibility become not just a voluntary thing but an obligation and strict rules set for organizations to remain between stipulated carbon levels?

Political and Peace Research Topics.

8. What is The End of North Korea Nuclear Program?

Despite strict sanctions imposed on North Korea, the young leader of the country Kim still maintains his steadfast opinion in nuclear weapons. Talks and negotiations have proved futile. What will bring an end to the nuclear program of the North or what will continued testing of nuclear warheads eventually result to?

9. Is There Any Link Between Moscow and The White House?

Muller is expected to publicly release a report on his two-year investigation on claims of the US president having contravened the law. The paraphrase report to the US Congress reveals that Muller does not exonerate the president. Does this imply a connection between the White House and Moscow?

10. What Has European Countries Learnt From Brexit?

The melee of the Brexit is still ongoing with contrasting opinions being witnessed by the British lawmakers. What will countries learn from the Brexit and economic implications it may have if affected?

A good research topic must capture the trending news of the world. It can also delve deep into interesting history. The above ten topics will definitely give your research a better score. Furthermore, they give you an idea of selecting a good dissertation topic.